DDR5 Memory on the Horizon!

After the Chinese government started investigating DRAM price fixing in 2018, DDR4 memory prices have been drastically reduced. These prices may fall as much as 30% by the end of 2019 and possibly set the prices for the upcoming DDR5 memory. RAM prices peaked mid-2018 just before the Chinese government became suspicious of price trends and started investigating memory suppliers. By the end of 2018, DDR4 module prices were slowly coming down and are expected to be reduced 30% by Q2 of 2019.

SK Hynix was one of the first chip makers to announce its production and specs on its DDR5 module back in November of 2018. The 16GB DDR5 SDRAM module will operate at 1.1V and offer 6.4Gb/s throughput. The top speed DDR4 could achieve was 4600MHz, DDR5 will be clocked at 5200MHz, however SK Hynix has not revealed if this will be the top end speed, mid-range, or even the lowest.

Samsung has also showed off its offering of DDR5 that operates at 1.05V and speeds of up to 7.5Gb/s. This makes Samsung’s module more efficient and more powerful simultaneously than SK Hynix.

The first modules will most likely be enterprise targeted as they will be more costly. DDR5 memory is expected to be higher capacity like 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB. Mass production of DDR5 RAM is expected to begin in 2020 and could gain 25% of the DRAM market by 2021 and 44% by 2022. Manufacturers such as SK Hynix and Samsung will be among the first to hit the market with DDR5 memory in Q4 2019.

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