Samsung’s NEW QVO SSD’s

Samsung will be releasing their new entry level Solid State Drives using QLC NAND. This entry level SSD will be a level below the 860 Pro and EVO line of Samsung SDD’s. The Samsung 860 QVO will be one of the first QLC SSD’s on the market which will drive the market prices for SSD’s down to HDD levels. Currently the price for a 1TB Western Digital Blue 7200 RPM drive is $0.04495 per gigabyte, whereas Samsung QVO 1TB will start at $149.99, $0.14999 per gigabyte. Samsung will also release a Read more…

AMD’s NEW Processor – ROME!

AMD is about to heat up the Enterprise market with their new flagship processor code named “Rome.” HP Enterprise and High-Performance Computer of the University of Stuttgart (HLRS) are collaborating together to build a next-generation supercomputer. The new supercomputer, named “Hawk,” will be the fastest supercomputer for industrial production and research. Hawk will be based on the AMD EPYC processor code named Rome and will have a theoretical peak performance of 24 PetaFLOPs. The new processors will use AMD’s Zen 2 architecture which is set to release in 2019.
AMD’s original Zen architecture was a major disruption on Intel’s Read more…

Nvidia Geforce RTX 20 Series Release

The long awaited and anticipated new generation of video cards has finally been announced by Nvidia at Gamescom 2018. The new video cards have been announced with a new nomenclature – the RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2080, and the RTX 2070. These are the most powerful video cards in the Geforce branding that Nvidia has released. At Gamescom 2018 Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang revealed that these cards were a whopping 10 years in the making. Jensen’s speech emphasized the significance that the new RTX cards have ray tracing.


The flag ship Geforce card – the RTX 2080 Ti comes equipped Read more…

Announcing the New Samsung 4TB Sold State Drive’s

As Samsung prepares to begin working on its mass production of their new 4TB solid state drives (SSDs) we are seeing pricing drop lower and closer into the Hard Drive (HDD) territory. This off course is great for consumers as and we are looking forward to a new era of faster and cheaper storage devices. This news comes just weeks after Western Digital announced its plans to close one of their HDD plants and actually increase production on SSD’s. Hard drives have remained at the top for enterprise solutions mainly because of their capacity. SSD’s are now approaching higher Read more…

Nvidia GTX 11 Series – Rumors and Pricing

As we approach the end of Q3 2018, leaks and rumors about the Nvidia GTX 1100 series or Nvidia GTX 2000 series are on the rise. Rumored release dates and names of the new GPU’s are:
• August 30: Geforce GTX 1180
• September 30: Geforce GTX 1180+ and Geforce GTX 1170
• October 30: Geforce GTX 1160

Although these are only leaks and rumors, enthusiasts and general PC builders are sure to be excited. For the previous generations of video cards, new GPU releases have coincided with price drops for the predecessor generation of video cards. Nonetheless, there has also been a Read more…

Intel Rumored to be Ditching Hyper-Threading for Their i7 9000 Series

New specs have recently been leaked about the i9-9900K, i7-9700K, and the i5-9600K Processors. Based off rumors, the 9th Generation of Intel’s i7 processors will NOT have hyper-threading.  These new processors will be based on Intel’s previous generation of processors with the Coffee Lake architecture. was the original source of the leak but its rumored informational post has since been removed. Nonetheless, multiple websites have know picked up the leak and started making their own premonitions about Intel’s next-gen lineup.

As rumored, the most notable difference between the i7-8700K and the i7-9700K is that it hsa 6 cores 12 Read more…

Samsung Announces NEW 860 PRO and EVO SATA SSD’s!

Samsung announced today that they will be releasing the new PRO and EVO Solid State Drives (SSD’s). The PRO and EVO SSD’s are the best SATA SSD on the market and one of the few hard drives that can challenge the current stranglehold NVMe hard drives have. These hard drives provide users with a fast, reliable, and compact option to upgrade a workstation’s storage capacity.


The 860 PRO SATA SSD comes equipped to handle the most intensive uses for your workstation. Using a 64-layer V-NAND the PRO can quickly access, read, and write your files. In fact, Read more…

Have you been affected by Spectre and Meltdown? The CPU Bugs!

Since early June, Intel has been aware of two bugs in their processors – now infamously named “Meltdown” and “Spectre.” After a series of leaks in late December these hardware vulnerabilities were announced to the public and in early January Intel fully acknowledged reports about the issue. Since then, Intel has been releasing a cascade of patches to address the issue. However, each release has caused some computers to run slower while others, are not able to boot up at all.


Both Meltdown and Spectre give hacker’s access to highly sensitive information on any computer that was affected Read more…

Samsung Announces NEW GDDR6 RAM!

Have you heard? Adding to their successful 2017 year, Samsung beat its competitors to the market by being the very first company to announce the release of GDDR6 memory. Samsung’s Senior VP, Jinman Han, was quoted saying “Beginning with this early production of the industry’s first 16GB GDDR6, we will offer a comprehensive graphic DRAM line-up, with the highest performance and densities, in a very timely manner.” The hope is that the release of a higher quality of RAM software makers can continue to push the limits of their hardware. If you’re as excited as we are about this Read more…

CES 2018 Recap

CES 2018

This last weekend we attended the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 (CES) and learned about a ton of new technology. In fact, there was so much going on that it caused a black out! Nonetheless, the show went on and we were there to get you the updates on the most exciting parts. If you saw something at CES 2018 comment below, we want to hear about it! And as always if you have any questions about anything tech give us a call at (213)810-3013 or email us at We want to help you with all your hardware Read more…

Intel’s New Quantum Chip

Intel’s Newest Processor

Debuted at CES, the Consumer Technology Association’s annual conference, Intel Corporation announced their brand new quantum processors. Quantum processors are different than current processors in that they don’t compute in a binary fashion, utilizing either a 0 or a 1 to make processing decisions. Instead, a quantum computing chip can process or store a 1 and a 0 at the same time using the quirks of quantum physics. CEO of Intel Brian Krzanich proclaimed that Intel’s new chip is the company’s first step towards “quantum supremacy” directly challenging other companies pursuing similar computing capabilities.

The Tangle Lake Processor

Quantum Read more…